Friday, 7 March 2014

Its Fort Friday!

Hey Guys!

Sorry to say but there won't be a Fort Friday post with any actual content in it this week - i've just been super busy with things!

Lords of Gossamer and Shadow has picked up. We're now on a solid nine players which is pretty damn impressive for an IRC game with only one ST. Several story threads are being chased which is cool and exciting in equal parts as hopefully people will be able to find out hidden bits about secret backstory and stuff.

I've started running Dungeon World. Which is perhaps the most fun i've ever had at character creation ever.
I'm really gutted we didn't think to record the first session... but on the other hand, it would have been two hours of us pissing ourselves laughing...

Modelling and Painting has taken a bit of a backseat, sadly. I should get back on that! Slaine and Ukko are almost finished now!

I was dead chuffed to find someone link to one of  my blog posts on RPG.Net as well. Ok, it was just the pictures but thats KIND of like fame!

So yeah, thats the State of the Nation.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Lords of Gossamer & Shadow: Session One

Session One: The Agora

Characters Involved 

Ursula Axilla: The PI
Ginger Syn: The Dimension-Hopping Good Time Gal
Tezoac: The Educated Wildman
Kitt: The Meddling Youth
Weaver: The Scout
Rui Shi: The Demon Hunter
The Revenant: A Shambling Corpse-Soldier

The session begins with all the characters in The Agora - a Marketplace on the grand stair where the merchants of countless worlds come to ply their trades.

Tezoac is browsing through the stalls and several traders attempt to convince him that their wares are the ones that he wants. Ursula on the other hand had set up a deck chair outside of the door that leads to her own personal world 'The Office', pretending to sleep so that she can catch her shady chess-by-mail partner dropping off his next turn. Kitt had set up his small 'information and magic' stall somewhere and Rui Shi had been aimed towards it to find out some information about the Demon he had been chasing.

Ginger was browsing for some warmer clothes now that she had gotten back from Ganan (She was, for the most part, entirely done with the whole 'Warrior Princess' thing.). Weaver had likewise been browsing through the stall for items of interest!

The Revenant, on the other hand, was hunting.

It had followed a group of organics from its battlefeild to here and having now way to return to the theatre of operations had decided to instead continue investigating the group that had led her out. Wishing to stop one of the organics from escaping, it grabbed one of their arms (the others had spread throughout the market). With an agressive shout, the person tried to pull away and when it realised that it couldn't escaped, Howled as its skin began to rip and its bones re-align and snap violently, claws bursting from its fingertips.

A werewolf!

The Revenant had been in Close Quarters Combat situations with similar, less organic soldiers before and decided to slam the creature's head as hard as it could into the floor as a solution to the attempt it made to attack the corpse-soldier. With the sound of marble floor cracking, it seemed like that werewolf gave up on life.

However, all around the market a riot had begun as fights had broken out with that single howl. Even worse, from apparantly no-where a giant Bull-creature had appeared and in the panic, several of the older market-goers shouted that 'The Minotaur' was here. It did not help the riot situation at all.

Ursula, now given up on pretending to be asleep as soon as a riot had broken out underneath her, opens the door to her office and shouts for the wardens to get inside where its safe.

Tezoac, a master of the Umbra notices a little ball of Umbral energy inside the Minotaur and decides to weaken whatever force was attempting to keep it under control, allowing the Umbra to start attacking the minotaur directly.

 Two of the others who had been with the werewolf start running towards The Revenant in order to gain vengance, Weaver levelling her utility-pad at one of them and loosing a paralysing cantrip at the creature which suddenly stopped being able to move or stop its own momentum, sending it crashing to the ground where Ursula added an extra hole straight through its head with her energy pistol.

The Revenant slams a trench knife into the back of the werewolf in her hand's neck, severing the spinal coloumn and drops him on the ground so she's free to handle the werewolf who is still charging at her, its skin shredding and turning into a man-wolf beast.

Kitt, on the other hand, had decided that discretion was the greater part of valor and had been packing away his market stall and running for Ursula's office, Rui Shi trailing behind him blithely ignoring the market in uproar as he tries to get some answers from the young wizard.

Weaver, working out that this 'Minotaur' is the focal point for all of this chaos and panic assumes that it is some sort of Glitch/Umbra aligned creature and throws a 'Negation' cantrip towards it from her bracer, which sadly bounces off of it.

Tezoac, a plan in mind, starts walking towards the Minotaur, shapeshifting in front of it in an attempt to get its attention and swelling his own size in preparation to attack it, using the Umbra to shift his own body into one better suited for what he had in mind.

Revenant grapples the werewolf charging towards her and opens up its throat with her trench dagger after grabbing it by the shoulder whilst Weaver tosses a 'Pain' cantrip at the Minotaur with a mind to get it in the testicles. Ginger opens up with Bugsy into the Minotaur and sending out sprays of blood and bone where she hits, the maniacal robot brain inside the gun cackling madly as she does so. Tezoac punches the Minotaur in the face so hard he dislocates its jaw, sending its head jolting to the side with the immense impact.

The Minotaur decides that all of this pain he's in is because of the thing who just smacked him in the face.

Kitt starts to cast a spell from the door to Ursula's Office, pulling out his silver rapier Argentus he had claimed from a world over-run with werewolves he'd adventured in before.

Weaver and Rui Shi have retreated into Ursula's office at this point, Ursula is still holding the door open.

The Minotaur starts chasing Tezoac, who shifts into a more nimble running form to keep his distance from the Minotaur. It barrels through some people and sends them flying, Ginger using her machinegun to keep its attention away from hapless innocents.

Tezoac leads the Minotaur up a stairway in an attempt to trick it into following him off a balcony, Kitt is still spellcasting. Revenant fails to notice that the corpses around her have started healing their fatal wounds and finishes off the one she had cut the throat off and was still holding by slamming him into the floor a few times. It notices one of the corpses is missing.

Tezoac spins around at the edge of a balcony, facing the Minotaur. Kitt says ancient words of power that sound remarkably like 'Beam me up, Scotty'. The Minotaur bellows, its now broken jaw splitting into two when it does so as the umbra begins to unravel its form. Revenant notices the corpse she previously made is now alive and crawling back to its feet.

The minotaur charges at Tezoac and... passes straight through him. It was an Illusion! A very confused Tez now stands next to Kitt, who slumps over exhausted. The Minotaur gets some sweet, sweet air before gravity kicks in and theres a series of nasty cracking noises as it hits the floor. Ginger kicks the corpse of the minotaur in the head.

Revenant decides that rather then let another one get back up, she's going to hack off the one she's just chokeslammed's head. The one allready standing takes that as his cue to bolt for safety, turning into a rat-man as it does and scrabbling away

Tezoac heads over to investigate the Minotaur's body and He and Ginger notice that its still trying to heal its injuries. Kitt shouts a warning to Revenant about the previously hole-in-the-head werebeast's getting back up and she proceedes to turn it into mush. Tezoac gestures at the Minotaur's head, which begins to implode and dissolve.

Kitt tosses his Silver Rapier to the Revenant, who, not really understanding why a sword is being thrown at it grabs it by the blade. It doesnt seem overly bothered by the fact it has a sword cutting into it.

The Minotaur still seems to be trying to regenerate its wounds (A minotaur that regenerates? Madness) and now, fleshy tendrils of meat are slapping around the ground because the Umbra is working just as hard to mess it up as it is trying to heal its wounds.

Kitt shouts that the Revenant should 'Stab it with the sword' - The revenant is suddenly a blur of motion and slams its trench knife into the shoulder of the were-rat pinning it to the wall, followed shortly by slamming the silver sword through its heart, which seems to almost catch fire and burn the flesh of it while it does so.

People retire to ursula's office to make sense of what happened and relax!

End session!

Some investigation occurs during downtime.

Monday, 3 March 2014

The Gonzo History Project!

My buddy over at the Gonzo History Project finally got his gaming blog up and running!

You should totally take a look at it - especially because he's got a competition running at the minute!

You can find the post Here!