Friday, 19 August 2016

Alien Hunter X: The Soldier Class Sneak Preview

Heres a little look at the start of the basic class "The Soldier."

The Soldier

Unlike most Powered by the Apocalypse games, theres no planned limitations on how many people can play any particular class. The soldier is your average X-Com Rookie!

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Alien Hunter X: Missions

One thing that has always stuck in my mind when I've been thinking about AHX: I want a way to replicate the mission select options from the newer X-com games.

For those of you who havn't played, it roughly boils down to the following concepts:

Alien Abductions - Where the aliens are attempting to kidnap people and you have to kill/capture them
Terror Missions - Where the aliens are causing widespread destruction and mayhem in a small town in order to prove how useless the organization is at stopping them (to try and cut funding).
Landed UFO - Where the aliens are conducting some sort of mission of their own and the Organisation has snuck up on them.
Crashed UFO - Where the aliens were going to conduct some sort of mission of their own and The Organisation snuck up on them with high yield rockets fired from fighter craft.
Base Assault - The Organisation raids an Alien Base.
Base Defence - The Organisation's base is raided!
Target Escort/Extraction - An invididual of high importance needs to be Transported/Collected for The Organisation's purposes.
Asset Recovery - An object/supplies important to The Organisation need to be recovered.
Bomb Disposal - The aliens have planted a bomb in a built up settlement - you must disable it.
Covert Mission - A covert operative has infiltrated an opposing organisation and must now be extracted

So, in light of this - At the beginning of the game session, the players should work together to answer the following:

The Organisation have discovered alien activity... (Choose One)
The Invaders have landed troops in a town and are abducting them for unknown purposes
The Invaders have landed troops in a capital city and are wreaking bloody havoc
The Invaders have landed a ship for an unknown purpose - We should capitalise on the opportunity
Our fighters have splashed an enemy ship - We should capitalise on the opportunity
We've discovered an Invader stronghold - We cannot allow it to grow unimpeded
A high profile civilian is believed to be in danger and we need to make sure they don't get attacked
An important civilian is in hiding during an Invader attack - We must extract them immediately.
Civilians have reported strange sightings in their local area. We should investigate.

The operation takes place in...
The local civilian response to The Organisation is...
The Operations name is...

Once The Squad has decided on which troops they are taking and which equipment, the Alien Commander should answer the following:

But when they got there, there was an unexpected complication... (Choose One)
A new type of Invader was present and it was incredibly dangerous
A new type of Invader was present and it was capable of hiding itself
A new type of Invader was present and it had a strange power
The Invaders had planted a bomb at the mission site and it was soon to go off
The Invaders were merely feinting and had an entirely different reason for their activity

So for example, the players might choose:
The Organisation has discovered alien activity... The Invaders have landed a ship for an unknown purpose - We should capitalise on the opportunity
The Operation takes place in London
The local response to The Organisation is Desperate
The Operation's name is Merciful Pelican

So yeah!