Wednesday, 8 March 2017

[Alien Hunter X] Planned Classes

So, after having a sit down and fleshing things out a bit more, I've ended up with a large selection of classes. Ultimately, not every team will end up with access to every class (And honestly, i'm considering making a chunk of them 'Choose one or the Other') and I suspect many teams will end up with multiples of the same classes on Missions...

"The Soldier"

A trained military agent, skilled with most weapons and trained in modern warfare tactics. They specialise in improving their own equipment to get the most out of it every mission. They like to keep things by the books - Minimising loss of life and ensuring the safety of civilians.

"The Insurgent"

A human freedom fighter, someone who has lost because of the Invasion and refuses to go quietly into the night. Due to their lack of military training and often their lack of effective small arms, Insurgents have learned how to best ambush the aliens. They're dangerous mavericks who often cause a lot of collateral, especially when alien troop composition calls for something with a little more 'Bang' to take down...

"The Field Researcher"

As much as the Organisation would like to keep their eggheads safely behind walls away from where valuable intelligence can be shot, chewed or mangled, sometimes a researcher needs to head into the field to test new equipment or to gather valuable data that would never survive the journey back to the lab. Field Researchers are less hardy than actual soldiers, but should they manage to make a discovery and get it back to the lab in one piece, the Organisation will benefit greatly.

"The Scientist"

The Scientist isn't exactly fit for combat. However, the Scientist is a genius civilian agent, one who doesn't take leaps of logic so much as boards the express logic flight to its final destination. Whilst wholly unsuited in a firefight, the Scientist excels at gathering information on the Invaders that can be put to good use by inventing dangerous new toys...

"The Technician"

The Technician is a technically minded military agent, one who has been trained to do his often mission critical non combat role under enemy fire. Capable of on-site equipment repairs as well as advanced entrenchment techniques, the Technician is a skilled engineer.

"The Mechanic"

The Mechanic probably misses the days spent in his garage, fixing his (human designed and constructed) personal vehicle. A specialist in vehicles of many kinds, the mechanic knows how to get the most out of a car or a truck, wether that be driving down Invaders on the city streets or rigging that bizzare alien motorbike to drive into the side of a building and detonate.

"The Field Medic"

The Field Medic's skills fall somewhere between soldier and doctor, an agent that has been trained to avoid enemy fire in order to patch up his fallen squadmates. More so than just being a walking first aid kit however, the Field Medic is also a capable combatant and is more than able to provide an area of safety for his injured team-mates.

"The Paramedic"

A civilian Paramedic might not seem like the ideal candidate to have on your squad, but sometimes you don't really get much choice. The Paramedic is fast, able to quickly identify injuries and problems on the field as well as bolt across open ground in order to get behind that cover that his friend just went down behind as bolts of sun-hot plasma fly past him.

"The Armed Civilians"

Armed Civilians are less of a single, solitary civilian fighter and more of a mob of angry people who have been given guns by the Organisation in order to help protect themselves against the Invaders. Whilst they might not have skill on their side, they have numbers by the shoveful, often having more members than the squad they are fighting beside. Theres allways one Civilian who leads the group, but its his friends that make it.

"The Infiltrator"

The Infiltrator is an expert at tactical espionage action, able to take down Invaders with CQC in almost absolute silence as well as sneaking into areas others would be spotted heading into in order to gain valuable intel, steal resources and data or just to kill a specific individual. All in all, theyre "Pretty Good"

And of course, where would X-com be without its Psionic Troopers, hulking Cybernauts and Gene-Spliced Agents of destruction?

I'll talk a little about those guys next update...

Friday, 3 March 2017

Super Sexy Sugoi Shining Princess Prism

Yep, don't mind me, just more doodles...

This time, its of the Maid of Wynn's Changeling character.

Or at least, what she looks like inside of someone's dreams.

Yes, she is totally a magical girl when inside a dream. She has her own themetune and everything.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Hungry Hungry Illithids?

Nope, its not ACTUALLY my new idea for a kids boardgame...

But I would play it.

This is actually one of my favourite drawings, where I decided I was going to try and work out how to do semi-realism in my normal style.

... I mean, its clear that realism isn't my thing, but I still love how it came out.

This illithid has no arms! Like a Glukkon from Abes Oddesy!

In case you want to use it in your game of Dungeon World, heres a (somewhat tongue in cheek) statblock for him: