Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Hey Guys!

This is just a post to let everyone know I havn't died, my update schedual just went out of the window in light of the holidays.

My projects for this year:

A 1000pt Necron Army painted and based. (And thus, Killteam)
Paint ALL THE 15mm
Go to Salute 2014 (THE ALL FATHER EDITION... where I take my dad)
Build an Inquisimunda Gang.
Weekly Lords of Gossamer & Shadow updates
Get to a point with Joust! where the mechanics are dealt with
Get some of my 'Made it at work' RPG stuff out of my head onto paper.
Create a Chronicle Start Addendum for the IOD/Forsaken
Finish making kit for Ars Magica (And play it)
More gaming with The Responsible One

... It might happen.

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