Thursday, 19 December 2013

LOG&S Fiction: Gossamer Worlds - The Automated States of America

== Basic Information ==

Gossamer World Name: The Automated States of America

Gossamer World Themes: 1920's Anachronistic Sci-Fi. Noir. Pulp Fiction. Crime Drama

== A History In Brief ==

In the 1900's, The world's technological advancement had reached a pinnacle. Not only had the fields of robotics created a new servile class but advances in cybernetics had opened the doorway to families opting to improve newborn infants with enhancements such as replacement organs, skeletal structure or musculature. It was the 'fashionable' thing to do as well as away to ensure your children would excel in life.

In 1910, America suffered a second civil war.

Where once, North fought against South this second war was to decide the fate of robotic life in America. Originally very simple, robots had been growing slowly more sophisticated over the years until they were able to think, reason and even feel emotion. Naturally as a race designed for servitude, robots desired freedom more then anything else.

Fashions of the past quickly turned sour, where those who had opted to undergo cybernetic surgery for medical or other reasons resulted in 'Borg' hate crimes - that the people who had them were more machine then man and therefore no longer counted as people.

The political and physical war lasted for almost a decade until a change in president supporting the freedom of robotic life made the bold decision to grant 'Ferro Americans' their independence. And so, life has settled to what most people expect of a 1920's movie - The mob whacks guys, the police are corrupt, Racism stretches across species boundries and Jazz and Liquor are in their heyday.

The current President of the Automated States is Seymour Wayland, a Democratic Party candidate brought into power by the country's wish to end the war. Wayland's presidency was  almost cut short by an attempt on his life that was thwarted by an un-named agent of the government. This was the tipping point that swayed public vote to his favour and won him the election. No public information has been released to the media about this agent to protect national security.

The biggest crime syndicate in the Automated States has its roots firmly settled in Chicago, secretly led by John Go21 The 'Titanium Don' of the Zambini crime family. Once a human run organization with heavy robotic ties it seems a murder in the ranks has resulted in the old boss Salvador 'Sal' Zambini being replaced by a robotic up-and-comer. A robot in such a high rank of a crime family is unheard of and other crime families have given the group the cold  shoulder...  A fact that doesn't seem to have slowed Zambini growth at all.

Sal Zambini's trusted Consiglierre 'Buggy' Ma10ne is missing presumed scrapped and his wife was also a victim of the viscious shooting that took the mob boss' life

(Images from Penny Arcade's 'Automata' Storyline or The Whitehouse)

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