Monday, 23 December 2013

Winter Solstice

I had a lovely celebration for Winter Solstice with the family and hopefully from this point onwards we're gonna have less Fiction for my game and more actual gaming stuff to go up on here!

My lovely Maid of Wynn bought me some Necrons, so I think what i'm going to do is make an unboxing post and then do it as a christmas special. Because hell, I can schedual it to come out that day even if no-one's going to read it!

Also excitingly I just bought myself the new 40K Killteam rules... So I imagine you'll also see a Killteam from Unboxing to Table Ready and their first Battle?

Probably with The Responsible One! (If you havn't seen his blog, go check it out. He's been way better at posting actual content then I have and has a bigger gaming budget :P)

So yeah! Thats a thing.

Exciting Times!

(I even got a tape measure out of a cracker. My first responce was 'YES. TAPEMEASURE! FOR GAMING!'... ^.^ )

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