Monday, 16 December 2013

LOG&S Fiction: Tezoac

Uno Mas!

He leaped through the tree tops looking at the herd running below, his arm elongating to meet the next branch claws digging in as he swung upward, the tree line come up quickly. he readied himself again to change, he was determined to get this shift right to feel the change and take the form he wanted in one quick burst. His memory flicked back to when he had first tried this and the sensation of hitting the floor from this high up he was sure he had nearly broken every bone in his arms and legs not to mention his ribs, it was a good motivator to not have to feel that again, since then he had at least managed to glide down in some fashion when he hadn’t taken flight, he called the Umbra to him and held the image in his minds eye of a huge eagle like birds that lived in the Mountains not far from here, they could carry off a man if he was unlucky never to be seen again.
He burst forth from the treetop out over the open plains below, arms stretched wide forcing the Umbra through them, shifting quickly his body started to change and he then beat his wings down lifting himself higher into the air. The change wasn’t perfect but it was getting better the form becoming more and more familiar, “ Well at least I can fly” he thought to himself as he glided through the air currents using the Umbra to help plot his course, slowly he perfecte the change till he was exactly what he wanted.
He turned his gaze downward looking at the herd running below once again and dived, he was starting to feel hungry

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