Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Are we sick of RPG ideas yet?

"Music is Power"

Hey, at least this one actually has a dice mechanic I thought of that went with it... as far as my ideas go, this one is actually pretty far along by comparison.

Psionic energy exists in all things. Extreme situations can put so much stress on a person's mind that they tap into the rhythm of the universe. It starts as a tapping, then other sounds in the world begin to add to it, building up into a spike of psionic energy that permenantly awakens the person's psionic potential. The awakening event is called a 'Crescendo'.

Each character has a Style and a Genre.

Style dictates what psychic abilities you have acess to. A character who'se Style is Percussion focuses mostly on physical improvement, where a Vocalist's abilities are based around controlling the thoughts and actions of other people.

Genre changes how base abilities work. A Punk  is going to have faster and harder attacks or his abilities will work faster than someone elses whilst a Classicist is going to be slower but have a much more powerful final effect, for example.

Dice System is... fairly simple?

You get a number of dice based on your skill level and a target number to roll on each dice - say, 3. You roll all your dice and the more of that specific number you roll, the better you do... However, you can also decide to use a different number on the dice instead of the target number for your sucsesses, with a small 'per step' penalty.

For example, you roll 7 dice and have a target number of 4.

You roll: 4,3,3,2,2,2,2

You could chose the 4, which would be a marginal sucsess.
If you instead decided to take a 1 step penalty and chose the 3, you would lose 1 success but still have another, giving you a marginal sucsess.
If you took a 2 step penalty you could chose the 2's instead, granting you a minor sucsess instead of a marginal.

That's pretty much all I've had idea wise. I wanted to have some sort of mechanic that would let people in a group/band use abilities that gave each other bonuses, like a band playing together for a bigger effect.

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