Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Air Dough: My New Favourite Thing Ever

So for a while i've been looking to get into Resin Moulding. I have tons of ideas for stuff I want to make and play with and all sorts and the concept of getting into model making is really exciting for me. I went to my local model store to have a look one day with the Maid of Wynn and she pointed out to me that these guys were selling something called Silli (Which i'll make a post about next week...). I picked some up and then decided that really, I needed something to use as material for my practise moulds.

It was then that I discovered... Newclay Air Dough.

The little pot on the left was £3.00. The bag down behind it was £11 for 4 times the amount...

This stuff is pretty damn cool and pretty damn cheap. And for me, cheap is definately a deciding factor. (... I might make a GW negative post at some point out of frustration to explain...). Its a very light air-drying clay that would be exceptionally suitable for nursery schools (or Kindergartens for you americans out there)... As you might have told from the art on the front of the pot.

I played around with it for a while. You can mould it straight off and it dries in about 8 hours at room temperature. Theres a little warping, which is a shame but isnt too bad if you arn't expecting brilliance from something that costs £3 a tub.

Little car. Yes, its rubbish, but i'm not great with hand crafting yet...

Took two peices of air clay and mixed paint in with them. Sadly, i think mixing in the paint weakens the clay itself and causes those stretch-splits you can see there.

And a bunch of rocks. Yes, i'm aware one looks like a willy. Very adult of you

So yeah. I played around a lot with the potentials and limitations of the stuff. It dries almost like a weird paper mache pulp almost and is incredibly light. You can paint on it with Citadel Miniature Paints just fine and it holds the paint without a need for a Primer.

All in all, pretty good stuff.

Next, i'll cover my experiments with Silli and the awesome stuff i managed by combining the two in my craft projects...

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