Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Solstice Loot Blog and Unboxing

The Maid of Wynn (Love of my life, Apple of my Eye, My Moon and Stars...) bought me a bunch of Minis for The Solstice - I'd been going on about how big my bleeding Imperial Guard army was and how I wanted an army with models that are a bit more points-costy so that I can have a smaller army.

I decided on Necrons because why the hell not, right? I love the Egyptian aesthetic and I also love robots.

She bought me one of the Necron Battleforces as well as a Nightblade and a Command Barge.
I decided to do this post as one of the things that annoys me most about the 40k website (One. I have many) is that they don't actually show you what you're getting on the Sprue.

So here you lovely people are.

The Loot Pile

And then, I got distracted with a completely different unboxing project.


Not so much necrons as omnomnomnomnomcrons

So, yeah. Back to the actual unboxing. First of all, we open up the Battleforce box - The necron battleforce contains 2 necron warrior squads, 1 necron immortals/deathmarks squad and one Ghost Ark or Doomsday Ark or whatever its called because I can't remember ATM.

The Box

Necron Warriors

Immortals/Deathmarks/Necron Bases/Gauss Rods

Spaaaaaaceeee Ghooooooooosst Ark.

Fairly simple stuff.

Next was the Command/Battle Barge. I'm actually pretty chuffed Amy got this one because I noticed that the Battleforce actually lacked a HQ choice, where the Battle Barge comes with a seperate Necron Overlord. Win.

Lots of peices considering the size of it...

And then of course the Necron Nightblade. Because AIRPLANES

I can't promise I wont make whooshing noises every time i move it...

And thats pretty much that. I later picked up a box of Canoptek Wraiths because the models are amazing and for use in Killteam... *Innocent Whistling*

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