Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Back to Basics Wargaming

Remember when battle reports used to look like this?

I do. I used to love the old White Dwarf battle reports that had been set up in this way - When I was younger I was a massive Warhammer Fantasy Battles fan and the battle reports were allways the first thing I would look up whenever I cracked open a new magazine.

One of the things that allways bums me out when it comes to wargaming is that...  Well, imagination  will allways provide more ideas then the real world can provide for. If i want to have a platoon of sentient crystal golems invade the homelands of psychic hedgehog men... well, good luck getting the miniatures for that, right?

Except. Those little squares up above could be anything, couldn't they?

Yes. Yes they could.

So began my first 'Big' moulding project. I broke out the Silli and a skull shaped cookie cutter to see how  well  it would come out. I sanded down an old Domino we had laying around for the basic rectangular shape and then applied my terribly shaky carving hand to it until I got a shape I was pleased with.
I then applied Silli and went to work. When I got back 6 hours later, the following was waiting for me.


A slight amount  of bubbling around the top, but I wasn't planning to fill the thing to capacity anyway.

The moulds are actually pretty flexible.

It had worked pretty well. I took  a small amount of Air Dough and pressed it into the bottom of  the mould,  using the back of the Domino to press it down and get a good flat back to it.


Obviously,  I was very chuffed with how clever I was. I then proceeded to print out 91 of the little buggers.

I decided to go with a very basic 'one colour and a white triangle' colour scheme, with the little rectangle in the corner being white as well to allow people to write numbers on them for book-keeping during game. I used Citadel paints because... well, I have a fucking ton of them around. I then used some Devlan Mud/Agarash Earthshade/Liquid Talent to get into the cracks, painted the white on and cleaned up the colouring.

The whole process

Personally, i'm really, really happy with them. Next stop... Scenery!

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