Friday, 28 February 2014

Back to Basics Scenery

Did a bit  of an experiment with Plastercine in an attempt to make a scenery mould.

The basic plastercine moulds. These  are  recreations because the old ones got squished...

Lookit those bubbles

This was a major dissapointment for me. I tried really, really hard to minimise how many bubbles would appear on these moulds and they have massive ones. You might notice on the plastercine picture above how those bubbles end up coming out on the models before smoothing. Bah! nevermind, they don't need to be perfect.


On the other  hand, after the bubbles have been smoothed down and the air dough has dried, the things look pretty damn swish. Painted up, inked and with some very simple drybrushing they look pretty good IMO. Housemate did point out they were a little dark for a river so i might give it another whack with a lighter paint later on and see how it works, but i'm pretty happy.

I went with a straight line and a bendy line so that people can have bespoke rivers!

... Next, bridges!

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