Friday, 21 February 2014

Silli: My Other New Favourite Thing

So as I mentioned in last week's Fort Friday post, the Maid of Wynn brought some cheap and cheerful rubber moulding material into my peripheral vision. Its called Silli and while I havn't worked out all of the kinks in getting a perfectly un-bubbled mould out of the stuff I like to think i've managed OK so far.

As you can see from the picture, Silli is a two part mixture that doesnt set until its mixed together thoroughly in the same sort of way you might use Kneadite/Greenstuff or Milliput. The difference is that this stuff starts off goopy and sticky as all hell, can't be finely shaped and ends up with the consistancy of rubber once its been cured.

Maid of Wynn thinks that I should also mention that this stuff is silicon based and food grade as well, which means if you're a fan of cake decoration like she is you could have all sorts of fun with making edible warhammer miniatures to go on top of a cakey battlefeild...

(She doesnt realise however that she has now thrown down her own gauntlet and i'm going to force her to make her first FW post...)

You get a decent amount of the stuff when you get even the smalled pack and it seems to go way, way further then it looks like it will

And even after all this, I still had a bit of the green left over!

This is all from one 150g packet of Silli. I basically bought the smallest pack so that I could get used to moulding things for when i'm ready to move up to Resin Casting.  I might make a short detour into this re-usable re-meltable rubber stuff that was pointed out to me.

So yeah. I've tried it out a few times with varying levels of sucsess. Sometimes the moulds seem to bubble up and othertimes they don't. I guess practise makes perfect.

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