Wednesday, 20 November 2013

As Promised (09/07/2012)

Yesterday I said that I would try to get some photos of pretty much everything I'm currently working on/collecting for the 15mm guys. This is that post!

As a warning, this post is going to be fairly picture intensive. Sorry about that.

First of all, the companies from which i've been buying my models - Since its only fair and just in case people want to buy any for themselves.

Ground Zero Games - Fantastic drones and the awesome supermutant style guys. I'm not 100% sold on their humans as the proportions seem a little weird, but the models are still very good.
Critical Mass Games - Produce a whole bunch of awesome aliens, and are where the Protolene Khanate come from.
Rebel Minis - Produce pretty much everything else I have in this post, from Soldiers to Greys to Civilians. I really love their stuff, but I have a few issues with their mouldings.

so, onto the models.

Flying Drone (GZG)

Drone Decal

Spider Drone (GZG)

Drone Decal

Drone Controller (GZG)

Group Shot

At Salute 2012, I went with the express purpose of picking up models that I was after without having to pay a shipping fee, which is pretty much an additional cost to all of my models due to only a few brands shipping to FLGStores.
The Drone Controller model I figure can use for a variety of different roles - Technician, Drone Controller, Hacker, all sort of things. The model was really simple to paint up and I was quite suprised about it, but essentially its a nice figure.
The Spider Drone is a thing of beauty. Its a very simply model which I saw posted on another blog and went 'Damn! Where can I get THOSE?', They also have this really big round flat plate on top which I got a bit inspired for - Putting Decals on top of each of them to make them a bit more personalised.
The Flying Drone was something I wanted for function rather then appearance. I was a bit bummed out they didn't come with their own stands but as you can see, I made do!

Big Alien Sargeant (GZG)

Big Alien with Cannon (GZG)

Big Alien with Rifle (GZG)

Size Comparison

Group Shot

So these guys were bought because they looked like Supermutants from Fallout 3, or maybe Mutons from X-Com. I am really pleased with these models as they're moulded fantastically and they have a LOT of character to them.

Alien Bug (Rebel Minis)

Grey Alien (Rebel Minis)

Grey Alien with Blaster (Rebel Minis)

Grey Alien Sargeant (Rebel Minis)

Group Shot

I bought the Grey Aliens from Rebel Minis as one of my first purchases. I wanted to have some bad guys for some X-Com action. The Greys with pistols seem to come with their arms dinged up a little from packaging... which is actually a little ok since it gave them some individuality and their arms are positioned differently. The Reaper/Bug is a really nice model, and the size of it is fantastic.

More picures Wednesday, to save on post size!

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