Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Welcome to the Fort

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to Fort Wynn!

This is the combination and continuation of two not-very-often-updated blogs by myself and the Maid of Wynn. Here is the introduction from my old blog 'The Dice Off':

My name is Rebel and I'm a geek.

I'm an avid collector of Roleplaying Games, Wargames, Card Games and Larping. But I didn't actually come into any of these hobbies from my own interest. Ah, no. Luckily for me I'm a second generation gamer - My father got me into miniature collecting from so young an age I can barely remember how old i actually was and my mother was the person who first got me into roleplaying games by giving me her old 1st Edition D&D red book, sourcebooks and dice.

I never really had a whole bunch of friends when I was growing up and even less of those shared some of my more 'Nerdy' interests. Most of the time I would buy books and miniatures only for them never to be used or rarely when they were. That all changed a good few years ago when I started Larping and through that I was introduced to some of the best friends I would ever make. Via larping in a feild I was introduced to larping in a pub and through larping in a pub and finding a certain Live Roleplay Society.

So really, Its only the last few years that I've gotten to do much with my collections and have people to play with. Looking online for things, i've noticed that if anyone has written up a whole bunch of custom content for games that I play, I just havn't found them at all!

So thats partially what this is for. Any ideas for Custom Content i find, I'll share them on here with you. Any nice little tips or resources that i find? I'll post them on here. Battle Reports? Photographs? Handy Size Comparisons? All here.

Looking forward to sharing with you guys.

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