Friday, 22 November 2013

More Models (11/07/2012)

As promised on monday, here is the rest of the 15mm stuff.

Armed Crewman (GZG)

Armed Crewman (GZG)

Armed Pilot (GZG)

Crewman with Binocs (GZG)

Group Shot

So these guys are actually a bit of a combo which I lumped together. The chap holding the helmet and the guy with the Binoculars are all part of the GZG 'Technicians' Pack along with the chap with the computer from monday's post. The random guy with the rifle and the woman with the gun were actually free 'Help yourself' models from a bucket on the GZG stall at Salute!
These guys are what make me a little wobbly on GZG proportions as they look a bit like their heads arn't the right size.

Protolene Ayame Battlesuit (CMG)

Protolene Scout Khan (CMG)

Protolene Scout (CMG)

Protolene Scout with Particle Cannon (CMG)

Protolene Scout with Assault Laser (CMG)


I really love the Critical Mass Games Protolene. They're incredibly anime looking and sleek, unlike the gritty and function over form look of the humans I have! The Protolene are Hyena-Men, which are pretty interesting, and have a very distinct look to them. My one complaint... is how difficult it is to actually identify which weapons they are carrying.
Ah well.

Three Civilians from Rebel Minis. I like them! Looking forward to painting them.

Light Recon Sargeant (Rebel Minis)

Light Recon HMG (Rebel Minis)

A ww2 Panzer. Or something. Probably Airfix?

Light Recon Sniper Team (Rebel Minis)

Light Recon RPG Trooper (Rebel Minis)

Size Comparison/Group Shot

Now, I loved these models until I sat down and started to undercoat the bastards. Then I noticed the fault-lines down the middle of a lot of them. Take a look at that HMG trooper, you'll see what I mean. Some of the ordinary troops have a little squished head. I still like the models and people probably wont pay that much attention to them, but its still a bummer.

I've had that tank for years. Then I realised it was actually the right size for my 15mm guys! Winner. Going to repaint it in my trooper colours and think about picking up one or two more!

Special Forces Rifleman (Rebel Minis)

Special Forces Pistolman (Rebel Minis)

Special Forces Sargeant (Rebel Minis)

Group Shot!

I originally bought these guys to be Biohazard guys, but when i'd unpackaged them and had them in my hands i'd changed my mind as soon as i'd spotted them. I like them!

So that is, so far, Everything I have for my collection!

Well. Everything that was supposed to be a 15mm wargame model, anyway...

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