Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Gray Aliens - Finished! (07/11/2012)

So I finally finished painting my grey alien models... hurrah!

Took god damn long enough. I've been pretty stressed and been searching for quick and easy ways to keep myself occupied rather then painting. But i've been bitten by the bug again so now we're back in action.

So bitten even that last night and this morning, I sat and painted the whole set of Greys that i have!
Allright, its only 27 models but its the most i've painted in one sitting since I started collecting 15mm. don't judge me!

So, the Grey Aliens are from Rebel Minis, who make up a third of my models at the minute and were my first 15mm company I purchased from. I bought a single pack of These Guys ($10.95, or £6.84 for 22 models) to function as Sectoids for my wanting to play X-com tabletop style. The models are actually pretty good

10 of the Left, 8 of the Middle, 2 of the pictured leader and 2 of the other leader

You can also see there in a background one of Rebel Mini's Terror Mites  ($8.99, or £5.61 for 5 models) terrorising a passing car. The Terror Mites come 5 to a pack rather then in the more common 21 like the rest of the Rebel Mini bags. The Terror Mites are big compared to the Greys, and were bought to act like X-com Reapers.

Lookit that sexy mofo

I'm really chuffed I got all of these guys painted finally. It means that tonight when I get some marines painted, I actually have enough models to play a small game of Tomorrow's War X-com stylee!

Also, this was something that chuffed me:

Terror Mission!
That car. I bought a pack of 10 cars for £1 in a local shop down the back of where I live. The actual cars are hideous fucking things, with the bottom/windows being made out of one block of black plastic and then a tiny sliver of the top being made out of hideously coloured tin.
So I improved it. The wheels still need painting and theres a bunch more that need painting a variety of colours... but I'm happy with the scale!
So yeah, those guys are done. GROUP PHOTO YOU GUYS

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