Friday, 15 November 2013

Model Painting (08/07/2012)

So, with the Holiday Wargaming event nipping at my heels, i've been trying to crack down on getting the models for my part of it undercoated and ready to be painted. I've learnt one serious lesson from this: It doesnt matter how big the model is, undercoating is tedious as all hell, especially when you're doing it by hand.

I beleive i'm roughly halfway through undercoating (hallelujah!) and as a bit of a distraction i've decided to post some decent photos of the models i've painted so far.

Bug Alien

Drone Controller

Spider Drone

Grey Alien

Protolene Battlemech

Human Special Forces

Human Special Forces

Human Special Forces Sargeant

As you might have noticed, I tend towards more of a subdued urban look to my humans then most people probably would. I just really like the colour combinations to be quite honest, and it leaves them looking quite gritty and dirty - Something I personally enjoy the aesthetic of!

The bases are actually plastic pirate coins bought from my local sainsburies, where you get something like 40 coins for £3 or so. Considering that I cut those coins into four squares, thats a pretty decent amount of base.

At 15mm, i'm seriously finding the prices of things very appealing. Sure, they're barely a quarter the size of say, a Games Workshop Imperial Guardsman, but since you get 10 guys for £20 with your average GW purchase compared to 20 or so guys for £5 at 15mm i'm definately loving it.

At some point, I should Photograph each of the styles of model i've bought and what i'm thinking about using them for. Some of the models i've been finding online are seriously awesome and i'm dead chuffed with the mould quality.

I really need to crack on getting more of these guys painted. Once again, human troopers are from the awesome Rebel Minis, while the Protolene Battlemech is from Critical Mass Games.

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