Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Holiday Wargaming (28/06/2012)

So, from the 11th of August until the 26th of August, i've booked two weeks off of work.
What do I intend to do during that time period?

A whole bunch of wargaming and roleplaying is what.

Myself and some friends have started hashing out plans for some days of wargaming with miniatures towards the end there and its inspired me to finally get off my bum and start painting up my 15mm stuff to a point where I actually have enough guys for some Tomorrow's War.

The scenario is pretty simple - no story since it'll be a few learning games to get people used to the rules but maybe i'll work out some scenario as well if people enjoy it enough.
A very basic game of Domination - Two teams trying to stand in scoring zones and scoring points based on the amount of time they are held. At the moment, the teams are basically identical:

1 Positive Commander
1 Five Man Squad with Ordinary Rifles
2 Five Man Squads consisting of 4 Ordinary Riflemen and a single Support Weapon
1 Weapons Team

Protolene Khan Sargeant

The Protolene Team

Two Teams Facing Off

The Human Sargeant

The Human Team

Facing off from a Different Angle

I'm planning on having 4 Reinforcement Zones, represented by Coloured Smoke (Which I still need to model) as well as 3 Objective Points (Which may be White Smoke, for now). I'm also going to make some Unit Symbols as well, just because i'm going to be painting most of my stuff in similar colours for now to make them uniform and markers for which unit is which if we want to try something else would be handy.

I also want to make some Action Reminders as well, as those are allways handy in tabletop games for remembering what unit has done what. But rather then just counters on the ground, I really want to make little speech bubbles for my soldiers as it gives them a little more character I think.

I am a nerd and like to doodle my ideas for emphasis

Gonna have to find some cool things for each of the races to say for each order, I think.

Humans are produced by Rebel Miniatures, who I have to admit I am dead chuffed with the models from.
Protolene Khanate are produced by Critical Mass Games, who do make some fine as hell aliens which I am going to be buying a bunch more of at some point.

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