Monday, 18 November 2013

Joust! (Second Draft)

So in continuation...
We decided to try splitting the equipment cards and the attack/defence cards into two separate decks.
This ultimately necessitated us to pick up at least 3 joust cards at the start and depending on how many you had picked up previously you might have to pick up less. It felt a lot more like you were planning out your tactics - have more cards for the list to modify your tactics and a higher chance of picking up things like Irresistible Force OR pick up more equipment cards for the improved chance of being able to find a great piece of equipment for your knights.
Well, we had to re-hash the equipment system a little and how the joust actually worked. Later on in the day when Fantum helped me play testing (Robert is the chap in the pictures however!) It was pointed out to me that the Jousters should cycle as the game was too long and it ended up feeling like the second and third knights were already fully equipped by the time they hit the lists.
So we ended up deciding that each knight would joust one after the other and that at the beginning of a joust you could place two equipment cards and then you could place another one as part of your action on the lists.

I also managed to take a sharpie to some of the cards when playing with Fantum also, so when we played it the second time around we actually had a reasonable number of Double Attack cards. I also created some Double Defence cards which seemed like they were needed.

With all the cards on the table now we really, really needed to have cards with different backs and maybe some colour on them to make it much more noticeable what cards are which. Robert also pointed out we might benefit from having some sort of 'Play Mat' so that you can see where stuff is supposed to go.

And looking back at the pictures... yeah, god damn that takes up a lot of table space.

We also decided that maybe it would be an idea to have some tokens to make it easier to make a note of how much attack and defence someone has. Also, the Block/Strike system needs a rehash - maybe some sort of  'targeting card' that both players put down markers on.
So right at the moment, we're at a 'rebuild the play test deck' place which is slowing down the testing!

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